Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring has sprung!

Wow, that was a long winter.  We're slowly crawling out of the cave, and enjoying the nicer weather, even if it is raining most of the time.  The past month has been a busy one, especially for the kiddos!

Maeve is learning to write, and can write her name (with assistance) and is recognizing letters really well.  I'm sure she'll be reading soon! She finished up her gymnastics class, and started "gym and swim" at the pool, which she's really enjoying!  Soccer will be starting in June, which is always fun.

Beckett is walking!  He took the plunge into full-time walking on April 17th, the day before my birthday.  He's loving his new found freedom!  He's always babbling, but no real words yet (other than Mama/Dada).  And, he's adopted a new friend - a stuffed lamb we've called 'Lolo'.  Lolo is very special to Beck-Beck, and is never far from his side.

Maren also took first steps on the 17th, but is taking her time getting on her feet.  She still crawls at the speed of light, so why walk?  Maren has a few words, including 'ball' and 'quack quack', and can roar when asked what sound a lion makes - very cute.

I love you Lolo.

Meet Lolo.  Beckett adopted Lolo 4 days ago, and since then, has rarely been seen without him/her. Truth be told, I gave it the name 'Lolo' after a day of calling it just 'lamb', but Lolo seems to fit.

Why do we love Lolo?  Because Beckett has slept through the night every night since Lolo came into the picture.  Yes....we LOVE Lolo.  Welcome to the family, little lamb.