Monday, May 31, 2010

Life with twins and a toddler.... pure chaos.

Maeve, who is a sweetheart, is at the "who, what, when, where, why" stage. I thought my ears were going to start bleeding tonight when she kept asking "what are you doing, Mama?" a million times. She also talks loudly. All the time. The concept of playing quietly is totally lost on her, and it often wakes the twins, which adds to the chaos. But, she's got a super imagination lately. She takes us on train rides, slays monsters behind our backs, and concocts elaborate stories about where poop comes from. She also loves her "babies" dearly, and dotes on them like any great big sister would. She seems to be developing a soft spot for her little sister though, which is really cute.

Maren and Beckett are thriving, but boy oh boy, are twins a lot of work. Sleep is our big issue right now. Maren is a great sleeper, but a light sleeper. Beckett takes forever to get to sleep, but sleeps very soundly once asleep. Great combo, eh? (insert eyeroll here). Mom and I have spent the better part of most evenings playing tag, trying to get Beckett to sleep or Maren to stay asleep. I know this will pass, but can it pass more quickly please? Like at the speed of light, preferably? They're also terrible night sleepers, so Mama is a bit tired these days. Brent comes home tomorrow, which will be great as it will help to distract Maeve a little bit.

But, through all of the choas, there are moments like these:

It's a good thing they're cute.

Saturday, May 15, 2010


It's about 'time' for a new post, don't you think? There's a good reason why I haven't posted since April 25th, though. There's aren't enough hours in the day. Literally. As I find myself with a rare moment, I thought I'd post a typical Saturday at our house.

I'll start in the middle of the night:

1:30 am - Twins wake up.
3: 00 am- Beckett wakes up.
5:30 am - Twins wake up.
5:45 am- Maeve wakes up, Brent takes her to the potty and back to her room
7:00 am- Maeve gets up with Brent
7:30 am- Twins wake up.
8:00 am- I get up, after putting the twins back to bed.
9:00 am - Feed the twins, put them back to bed at 9:30
9:45 am - Brent and Maeve go to the park, I shower while the twins try to nap.
11:00 am - Run up to the indoor yard sale at the local school while Brent gets Maeve's lunch ready
12:00 pm - Put Maeve down to nap, feed the twins.
1:00 pm - Start laundry (load # 4537) and clean the kitchen
2:00 pm - Steal a rare nap with the twins while Brent and Maeve play 'fort' in the living room.
4:00 pm - Wake up, feed the twins, start the oven for supper.\
4:30 pm - Call Mom.
5:00 pm - Have supper with Maeve, then get the twins down for a nap.
5:45 pm - Bathtime for Maeve
6:30 pm - Snack, books and bed for Maeve.
7:00 pm - Feed the twins, change out the laundry.
7:45 pm - Start bedtime routine for the twins (takes 45 minutes)
9:00 pm - update blog.

So, yeah. We're busy. It's a good thing they're cute.