Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The joke's on Mommy.

I'm preserving this one for posterity. I'll also post about revenge when the time comes. 

Tonight, Brent brought out a can of "cat food" and started to eat it. I, of course, completely freaked out. As in screaming, trying to pry the fork out of his hands kind of freaked out  The kids stood there in awe....not sure what was happening. Truth be told, I wasn't sure what was happening!

And then.....the truth was revealed. It was a freaking can of tuna, relabeled to make me believe it was cat food. As you can imagined Brent was pretty excited to have fooled me. 

And then we noticed that Beckett was not laughing, he was about to cry!  He said "Mommy, but now the cats won't have any food". He laughed once we reassured him it was a joke. Our sweet little Beckett. :)

Revenge will be mine Brent!

Friday, September 6, 2013

Here come the school kids!

Maeve is now in grade 1, and the twins have started half-day preschool on Tuesday and Thursday.  So cute to see them excited for their new adventures!

Sweetness thy name is Beckett

Oh my....this little boy is going to melt hearts one day.  Here's how tonight's bedtime conversation went:

Beckett: Mommy, I love the gold Daddy brought me from Texas (a big chunk of fool's gold)
Me: Yeah, it's pretty neat, isn't it?
Beckett:  Would you like a big piece of gold, Mommy?
Me: Yes, I'm sure I would
Beckett:  Mommy, I'll tell Daddy to buy you a piece piece of gold!
Me: YES!  Please say those exact words to Daddy!
Beckett: Don't worry Mommy, you can share mine.  You can take it to bed with you while I sleep.  I don't mind sharing my gold with you.
Me: (Swoon) Thank you sweet Beckett, but you keep it. I'm okay watching you enjoy it.

He's just too sweet.