Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Bedtime cuteness.

Back on the blogging bandwagon.

Maren and Beckett have taken to asking for "stories" before bed.  Beckett always asks for some kind of summary of his day - ie. "Mommy, tell me about the boy who loved Spiderman".  It's cute.

But, for the past month Maren has been stuck on the same storyline..."Mommy, tell me about the princess who goes to the gardening store with her flying unicorn...that has wings....with their whoooooole family". And so, every night, I dream up some kind of flowers that they find, and buy and take back to the royal castle to plant in the royal garden. Tonight, however, she added a twist!  The princess and her unicorn wanted to stop at the playground to play. As I started describing the slides and the swings, Maren (ever so logical) asked me who was pushing them, if both she and the unicorn were swinging?  Given that it was bedtime and I was tired, I pulled the "just because" answer which seemed to satisfy her curiosity for now!